From the outside the bungalow looks nothing extraordinary. The small train tracks which wind around the front paving could be a miniature railway enthusiast expressing their passion through landscaping. Yet when you step inside your world is transformed. Suddenly you are standing on a train platform with a carriage on each side. Authentic touches including suitcases and a porter’s trolley make you question whether you have travelled back to the 19th century, and doubt whether you are in a bungalow at all.

This Bognor Regis property recently came to market, but even while I write this article I notice that it has already been taken off Rightmove, perhaps a quick offer following the attention it has received in the press.

When you look at this property, the unusual and quirky elements are easy to identify. A buyer can decide whether they want to live in these beautifully converted carriages. However, other issues may not be so apparent. It is important that a buyer takes the time to carefully inspect the property. 

Caveat Emptor, which is Latin for ‘Let the buyer beware’ is a governing principle for conveyancing. In practice it means the seller cannot lie when they are asked about the condition or issues relating to the property, however the onus is on the buyer to check what they are buying by carrying out searches, surveys and investigations. Buyer’s should inspect the property carefully and speak to their solicitor and surveyor about any concerns. Some defects and unusual elements of the property may not be as obvious as a couple of train carriage running the length of the property.