Following the death of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld on Tuesday, attention has quickly turned to his beloved Birman cat, Choupette.

Lagerfeld, who has been the creative director of Chanel for over 30 years, died in Paris on Tuesday aged 85 years old.

Lagerfeld adopted Choupette in 2011 and ever since, she has enjoyed nothing short of a lavish lifestyle. It is reported that Choupette has her own bodyguard, personal chef and two maids. In addition, she has enjoy success in her own right modelling for Vogue and maintaining a thriving social media presence including her own blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  

In 2013, Lagerfeld reportedly commented that if he could marry Choupette, he would.

Unsurprisingly therefore, during an interview with Numéro in April 2018, Lagerfeld assured readers that among others, Choupette is named as an heir to his £150 million fortune. 

Although under English law it is not possible to make outright gifts to pets, I have no doubt that Lagerfeld will have taken steps to ensure that Choupette will be well cared for long after his death.