Sadly, this is another example of how the very system that is supposed to protect vulnerable people can be used against them. 

In this case an elderly lady was befriended by her gardener who then managed to obtain control of her financial affairs and was made the principal beneficiary of her will. Although the Court of Protection ultimately intervened to halt the financial abuse during her lifetime, they have no power to alter her will. Legally the beneficiary is still entitled to inherit the residue of her estate.

Appointing an attorney or deputy and making a will should be tools to assist with protecting the elderly and vulnerable from financial abuse but too often are being seized upon by unscrupulous friends or family as a means of legalised appropriation of funds. 

Using a professional who will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the person making the decisions has the capacity to do so and fully understands the consequences of their actions is the best line of defence against this type of abuse.