Divorced couples should look back at their Form E (and the Form E of their

former spouse), and manually calculate atparagraph 2.20 the total value of the

capital assets (i.e. add totals A to G and then subtract D). 

This error of the MoJ’s software is very basic but potentially catastrophic. In particular, it could seriously affect those people with large liabilities, including credit

card debts, bank loans and tax liabilities, as the miscalculation would produce

a wrong and misleading picture of their wealth. 

The figures in Forms E are relied on to calculate a husband and wife’s assets before a fair settlement can be decided/achieved, and division of assets based on incorrect capital values of one or both parties could produce a very unfair settlement. 

Those people affected by these mistakes may have to re-open their financial

settlements in order to rectify these errors, which may be extremely costly and

is particularly unfortunate given that a final Financial Order is supposed to

provide parties with certainty and finality.

It is worth noting, however, that the majority of Family lawyers (including this firm) 

use a software package called Quantum and not the faulty system in question, so their clients will be unaffected.